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Episode 37: Along for the ride with Janet Van Bebber

Janet VanBebber is the Chief Racing Officer for the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). VanBebber is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the racing department, Racing Challenge and related programs. Janet plays a key role in developing and implementing programs and objectives to promote the advancement of Quarter Horse racing across the globe.

VanBebber’s resume boasts a long and successful career training and racing American Quarter Horses. The former owner of VanBebber Racing Stables of Ledbetter, Texas, she has a long history of involvement with American Quarter Horses and Quarter Horse racing and is well known as being one of the industry’s most accomplished trainers.
In 2011, she became the first female trainer to eclipse the 1,000th career win mark and she is the leading female trainer by money earned. Her resume also included being the recipient of the 2002 AQHA Mildred n. Vessels Special Achievement Award. Her career includes training world champion TAILOR FIT, who remains ranked as one of the breed’s top money earners-15 years after his final race.

In addition to owning VanBebber Racing Stables of Ledbetter, Texas, Janet has been on the board of directors for both the Texas Quarter Horse Association and the Texas HBPA, while also owning and managing other horse related enterprises.

Episode 36: Along for the ride with Taylor Sheridan

Taylor is a screenwriter, director, actor, 5 time nominee for Academy Award, co-creator of Yellowstone and creator/producer of Run For A Million, as well as extremely passionate about horses. Taylor sits down to update us on developments on his many Film/TV projects (Yellowstone & Last Cowboy) and plans for the up and coming RFTM in August. Gina Maria does a quick interview as the only Non Pro & female qualifying for 2021 RFAM.

Episode 34: Along for the ride with Steve Ross

Take a listen as Andrea and Steve Ross (NRHA Judge, NRHA Professional, Horse Broker, Event/TV Commentator) review and discuss the NRHA Reining events slated for summer and fall 2021, the influx of larger purses and the major events. The conversation gets into the “trickle down effect” and how and why it has increased the value and scarcity of quality show horses. With an expanding event schedule they discuss the logistics and strategy in training and preparing for all these big events from the East Coast to West Coast of USA.

Episode 35: Along for the ride with Lloyd Cox


Lloyd Cox has proven himself to be one of the cutting industry’s top horse trainers. An unassuming cowboy from Marietta, Oklahoma– he earned himself the honor of being the first 10 Million Dollar Rider in Western performance horse history in 2021. Lloyd is an NCHA Rider Hall of Fame inductee and was the NCHA leading money earning rider in 2003, with earnings of $714,583. Lloyd will share his thoughts on how he became a leading horseman and a leading NCHA money earner.

Episode 33: Along for the ride with Nick Dowers


Master horseman Nick Dowers stands in a league of his own when it comes to understanding and developing the mind of a horse. His track record for starting colts for the best in the business is unparalleled, and his performance record is equally matched in the show arena. His million dollar rider NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity, Derby and Road To The Horse wins are proof of his extraordinary commitment to his hand crafted education system that he has designed and built in Dyer, Nevada. Come Along For The Ride™

Episode 32: With Charlie Cole & Jason Martin


Jason Martin & Charlie Cole own Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas. Highpoint Performance Horses specializes in training all around horses. They trail and compete in many events from western pleasure and trail to jumping and even barrel racing. At High Point they keep approximately 45 – 50 horses in training and travel between Florida and California, showing at the major shows each year. They have trained over 100 World AQHA Champions and 200 Congress Champions.


Charlie Cole has been involved with horses for over 35 years and has trained more than 50 AQHA world champions.


Jason Martin has won 34 AQHA World Championships. Jason has won the leading exhibitor at the AQHA World Show 5 times.

Episode 31: Along for the ride with Benjamin Roethlisberger

Benjamin Roethlisberger, nicknamed “Big Ben”, NFL quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers Winning QB in two out of three Super Bowls. Drafted in 2004 by the Steelers in the first round, he has played his entire career as a Steeler. Ben shares his interest and love for animals and how he uses his horses to relax and clear his mind. A candid conversation with the man behind the football and how he achieved excellence on the field and as a husband, father and friend. Come Along For The Ride™ with Big Ben

Episode 30: Along for the ride with Troy Heikes


Troy Heikes– NRHA Professional Trainer/Coach – Troy’s journey of becoming a well respected horse trainer and proud owner of the 4M AQHA Stallion “Jacs Electric Spark” is quite complex. His openness and discovery regarding his own personal challenges which included a rather abnormal introduction to becoming a trainer, to battles with mental health, and lack of confidence became a roadway to many successes. Troy’s first hand experiences are brutally honest with the intention of helping others to find their way through treatment to living a happy and full life. Accomplishments include being an Open Finalist of NRHA Futurity, Derby, NRBC, AQHA and Congress Futurity as well as an APHA World Championship title.

Episode 28: Along for the ride with Brett Stone


Brett Stone is one of a handful of trainers most accredited for introducing a soft, more collected and body broke style of training reining horses which has led to the “modern look” of today’s reining athletes. The 1992 NRHA Open Futurity Champion aboard Boomernic, Brett’s love for horses took him on a journey that allowed him the opportunity to ride and learn from many of the greatest horsemen in our performance horse industry. Andrea and longtime friend Brett share their journey in learning from each other and how Brett continues to be instrumental in Andrea’s current success today.